Member Meeting in March 2018

On Wednesday, the 14th of March 2018 at 11:30 AM we will have our monthly luncheon at the Kaiser Stub’n Restaurant in Terry Hills (Corner Mona Vale Road and McCarrs Creek Road). Lunch will be served at 12:00 o’clock! (The reason that we meet so early is, so that you will be back home again before the “Rush hour” starts.)

A selection of 3 mains and 3 desserts and after the sing along coffee will be waiting for you. As always this delicious food will be served for just $10 for members and $36 for non-members.
Please make sure you reserve yourself a spot. We need to give the chef the final figures well in advance. So please send your booking to our Secretary:

(info[at] or to (janjanssen1[at]]

Latest until Sunday,  4th of March 2018.

Membership Luncheon in February 2018

On Sunday, the 11th of February 2018 at 1:30 PM we will return to St Raphael Club (136 Reservoir Road, Blacktown) for our monthly membership luncheon. Pia and her mother will prepare a great Main dish a desert and coffee/tea & cake at the end.
As always the lunch will be served for just $10 for members and $35 for non-members.
Please make sure you reserve yourself a spot. We need to give the chef the final figures on Wednesday,  7th of February 2018. So please send your booking to our secretary Jan Janssen,  latest until Tuesday, 6th of February 2018.

We have got a very hot summer in Sydney this year!

And that’s the way it looks in old Germany at the moment, but we can sit in air-conditioning and enjoy a great meal together lovingly cooked by Pia and Giesela!

From the President’s desk: Christmas Lunch December 2017

From the president’s desk: A short impression of the Christmas Luncheon/party 10th of December 2017

We entered a rich and colorful decorated hall, not for the conservative gold and silver Decoration of our grandparents, so stepped into the white Christmas, but the more vigorous and  joyful display of color and promised fun. So mirrored on the faces of our members, friends and guests alike, happy smiling faces ready to join with old friends as well!

As getting acquainted with new members and guests, awaiting the gourmet delights of Pia’s kitchen and having plain and simple fun.

A couple of short words, to welcome the revelers present (I hate old gents waffling on), led to a rendition of Christmas!

Carols with an audience participation.  (Reminiscent of the Mormon tabernacle choir).

A short presentation to the committee in appreciation for the good works was well received and met with strong applause by the membership.

Pia and her singing mum excelled with their beautifully cooked and tasty entrees, main course and desserts!

Coffee, cakes and Christmas nibbles, truly a gourmets delight. I did not hear one critical utterance and talking to one of the new members, who is for many decades linked up with the German club scene passed the remark, that she never before had such a terrific time!

Next on was the now well expected Feriendorf sing-along which if nothing else, seems to have remedial qualities in recovery from sickness, pain and hopelessness. I looked around at friends who at the time of their loss or suffering seemed to have lost interest in live, sitting in our midst, belting out the songs, full of “beans”, all good and fine!

I get very enthusiastic on the subject but all that reminds are my deepest thanks to all that made the event such a joy!

My best wishes for everyone to have a very, meaningful and joyful Christmas and a healthy and good New Year.

My wish is that you all keep a place in your heart for our Feriendorf Club that it will cherish the friendship, support and create a Place of welcome and joy.

Tschuess, Servus and Auf Wiedersehn till the next Membership Meeting in

 February 2018

 Jupp Hain!

Ein gnadenreiches Weihnachtsfest und ein gesundes und glueckliches Jahr 2018 Euer Feriendorf!

Membership Luncheon in December 2017

ChristbaumOn Sunday, the 10th December 2017 at 1:30 PM we have booked St Raphael’s Club (136 Reservoir Road, Blacktown) again. Our chef Pia will prepare a complete Christmas lunch consisting of

  • Champagne and Orange juice at arrival
  • Honey Leg of Ham and Garlic Sauce
  • Roast Potatoes
  • Carrot Julienne
  • Baby Green Beans
  • Gravy
  • Greek Salad
  • Cherry trifle and German Christmas cookies and Stollen
  • Coffee & Tea

As always the lunch will be served for $35 for non-members.
Please make sure you reserve yourself a spot. We need to give the chef the final figures on Thursday, 7th December 2017. So please send your booking to our secretary (secretary [at] latest until Wednesday, 6th December 2017, at lunch time.

Please be aware that we will ask you for your membership fee for 2018 at the December meeting. Membership fees are published here.

As usual there won’t be a meeting in January 2018, and we will publish the February meeting in mid January 2018.